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dont reuse windows

I am SO much happier now that I found out how to use one of the features in IE. I had really been liking using MSN Messenger for my Blog Toaster messages over Trillian, because when I clicked on them, they opened a new window. So when I downloaded the newest version of Trillian, I thought that I’d search again to find out why shortcuts were opening on top of my other windows. I multi-task so much that inevitably, I’d end up opening up over a MT forums window that had a long reply or something!

So, I found on some site that if I went into Tools : Internet options : Advanced tab : under Browsing - take the checkmark off of "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts", now my trillian shortcuts open up as new windows, and so do my email shortcuts! This has really helped me out!


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Awesome tip!! Thank you for sharing!

Great tip! I hate losing a post or something because of a new window launch, so thanks!

OMG. I love you. Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve always HATED when that happens!

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