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twitchy eye

This twitchy eye thing that’s been going on for the last 3 days has decided to turn into a real headache today. As long as I keep from moving too much, its not so bad. But its keeping me from being too chatty...

But I did get to see more of Brenda on GH today. And now I’m gonna get to see the season premiere of 7th Heaven in a little while. And I’m working on putting together the screen shots of the new Blogstyles templates I’m working on. Its been a pretty good day, even though I’ve been quiet smile


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my left eye was twitching, too, for who knows what reason... i don’t think i ate anything different or strained my eye muscle or what... but it doesn’t twitch anymore... i don’t know what started it. i don’t think i was nervous about anything nor was i worried about something that might be happening. it was strange.

my lower right eye has been twitching for three years sadi am very pissed

help me im dying ive got a twity eye n its getting on my fucking nerves tell me how to sort it now u mong a lon u should help!!

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