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slow morning

I’ve been kinda down the last day or so. Not really depressed, but feeling low. I’ve been a bit more edgy and grumpy with E a few times, and my legs are bouncing up a storm every time I am trying to concentrate. I’m actually wearing my glasses as I type because I feel like my eyesight is still a bit fuzzy from the migraine last night (which isn’t quite all the way gone).

I don’t feel very productive since my energy level is way down, so I’m just kinda sitting here flitting from site to site without doing anything important. Its more of that brain fog that makes concentration harder.

So I went back to bed for a bit of the morning. Read some of my book for my self-help class - The CFIDS/Fibro Toolkit - and laid there trying not to worry so I could fall asleep.

I have projects to work on, and I have work to do for my other job. But I just can’t seem to get myself going. Let’s hope this afternoon is a bit more clear for me!!


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You and me are both in the same funk it sounds like (me because of work issues and losing my ring). Here’s a hug for you to let you know that I love you. ~hug~

Don’t let the work that needs to be done overwhelm you, Kristine. Take time to relax, and enjoy quiet time alone and with E. Take care—hugs!

*sigh* i’m with you today girl. hopefully after a little rest we’ll both feel better.

maybe i’ll take a nap and dream about . . . . . PIE - heehee!

Have you seen the great migraine info at About.com? It helped me so much : http://headaches.about.com/library/weekly/aa112600a.htm

Hope you’re feeling better!

Oh, but you turned in to the productivity QUEEN! smile You rocked today! Thank you for everything today! Mush love!

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