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Introducing lovesongs!!

I’ve been hoping for a while to create a section of my site to showcase some of the songs that inspire me and make me sing along. So I put together a new blog called lovesongs which houses info on favorite artists (including the songs I have on my computer) and special playlists that I’ve put together. I plan to add many more artists, and put together more of my playlists as well.

This expands the kadyellebee blog family - between the main blog, lovelinks, :collectics: and now lovesongs, I feel that I’m illustrating the links and collections that really define me, as a digital girl.

So check it out! smile


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i’ve been wanting to do the same exact thing ever since i bought my own domain... and you beat me to it! i’m heading over there to check it out now smile

It’s great, Kristine! I"ve similar plans (all well mapped out with my directory structure and everything!) for that 'one day' when I get my own domain. smile

This is so cool, Kristine! I really dig it.

luvya all!!!!!! I’m happy I discover this site....prheart

this site sucks like hell snap me a pic joke I like it very much

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