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"The most important characteristic of angels is not that they have power to exercise control over our lives, or that they are beautiful, but that they work on our behalf." --Billy Graham, Angels: God’s Secret Agents
Every once in a while, I just need a reminder, and the pile of angelquotes on my shelf encourage me smile


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About 3 years ago, Billy Graham brought one of his crusades to Tampa. I wrote weeks in advance to get the handicapped parking permit—and we were mailed a huge packet of stuff along with it that included special admission tickets. We got there like 2 hours before start time, got parked, and began the literal 1/2 mile trek from "handicapped" parking (those who could walk were put waaaaay back from those who couldn’t, which I understand) over to the stadium.

When we got up to the gates we were turned away! (Hope the same thing doesn’t happen in heaven...heh...) They had overbooked the handicapped section and wouldn’t let anyone else in—TWO HOURS before it was supposed to start. So then we had to make the journey all the way back to the car, instead of me being able to sit down and rest for a few more hours. I was sick for days and I’ve never forgiven him for it. wink

Thank you for posting this today. I’m having a horrible time at work today and I need something to inspire me, I need to believe that out there somewhere, SOMEONE works on my behalf.

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