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I feel quite slow today. Another day where it seems like time is going regular speed, but I’m at half-speed!

Megan was here for a good part of the day cleaning again. I sat and talked to her for a while of that time, and laid in bed while she cleaned the sink in that side of the bathroom.

I ate lunch and watched GH. AMC is on now, and I laid on the couch watching the beginning before coming back over here to at least post something, to let people know I’m not MIA!

I’m working on a new skin. Its beautiful.

I’m just not super ambitious and so things are slow. I’ll work on that ;) Or sleep ;)


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I’m so excited that Brenda is back on GH!!! I can’t wait to hear the explanation for where she’s been —I guess they are going to say she was crazy like her mom? And what will happen with Jax and Sonny?? I was home yesterday afternoon to see it and my husband said "Oh, we have to start taping this again!" So he set up the VCR and the tape is waiting (too bad football is on, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow night!)

Take care!

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