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long day yesterday

I really didn’t explain what happened in my last post, why I was so emotional. I did way too much, and had to pay for it.

My day started early because I didn’t go back to sleep after E left. And then I had to get ready early because Mom was picking me up at 10:30. So I showered, watched 7th Heaven, and ate breakfast all early. Megan actually came and got me, and it was great to see and talk to her. Then I got to work, and there was just so much to do. I chatted with dad for a while because we needed to get some things straightened out, and he ended up telling me stories about his parents. Not sure where that came from!

So I worked and I worked, and then it was time for lunch, and mom and me went to McDonalds and sat and talked to catch up on everything that was going on. And then when I got back, there was so much to still do. I taught mom how to do bill entering and payment making. I went over invoice and payment entering with Annette and then taught her to start the ordering process. We decided that I’d need to help for the first month or so because it just was too complex. And by the time we got done, it was after 4! I was planning on leaving by 2:30ish. Then mom had to go to the bank and the Post Office before taking me home, and then we drove by Leonard and Sarah’s new place so I could see where they lived and he pulled up while we were driving by, so I got to go in and see. Its little and cute smile

So I got home at almost 5 PM. That was way too many hours. E walked in not much after I did, and I was so tired out that I stayed up here for the rest of the evening. We laid in bed and talked and it took me forever to tell him about everything that had happened over the day, and that tells me that there were just too many inputs of information even besides the work stuff.

Not only did I cry about tv channels, but I did some crazy giggling as I was trying to go to bed. My emotions were just all right there at the edge of my brain and came out too easy. I think I ended up crying more as I fell asleep.

I’m super sore this morning, and my head is still fuzzy. My left knee is killing me (E suspects that I bounce just that leg w/o realizing it when I’m under stress). My lower back is sore. And the tinglyness in my arms and legs is back. My guess on that one is that normally the Zoloft has been taking care of most of that, but with so many other things to balance out, it couldn’t do everything and so I get to deal with that until I get more balanced.

So I must take it easy today. Keep myself from getting worse and stuck on the couch all day tomorrow. I do think that I’ll venture slowly down the stairs for some breakfast, but weebley-woobley is going to be my theme for the day! (I weeble and wobble as I walk when I’m sore - like the little weeble toys did!)


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i’m sorry that you’re feeling bad again today. i hope you are able to get lots of rest and that you’ll feel better again soon!

also, even though pushing yourself is bad, i hope that in the end, it works out so that all your efforts will be rewarded soonly - with you not having to go to work smile

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Pamper yourself over the next few days so you get back to feeling better. Like Zalary said, it may not have been good for you to push yourself, but hopefully, it will be rewarded. ((hugs))

Oh, I hope you feel better soon! I do the same fidgety stuff that makes me wake up sore when I’m stressed. The worst of it is that I clench my jaw so hard in my sleep that I’ve wiggled teeth loose before, and I wake up with massive headaches. It’s just a matter of taking things nice and easy for a few days, and do the things that de-stress you. Everyone has them smile

Hoping you’re feeling better **soon**! {{{ hugs }}}

So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well again... take it easy and stop pushing yourself. *puts hands on hips* You hear meconfused smile

[[[[[[[[[ kdlb ]]]]]]]]]]]]

These days happen. Our brains just get crossed around, the neurons don’t go where they are supposed to go and blammo! We’re left thinking that perhaps we’re on another planet. Especially frustrating when you just need one thing to go right.

I’ve been having a fibro flare for about a week now. The fatigue has been overwhelming; the brain fog frustrating, the anxiety frightening.

Take care of yourself.

PS I have a whole section about my experience with fibromyalgia and my current treatment. Maybe it will help you some?

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