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tv tears

Okay, sign 1 that my day has been too hard and too long. I just switched to channel 12 to watch Buffy and got confused because a 70s show special was on. Which should be FOX. And then I switched to 13 and it says Buffy on the digital cable screen. So I opened up Excite, because it was so confusing. And excite showed KPTV (12) with Fox shows and KPDX (13) with UPN shows. Its backwards. So I went to the Oregons12.com page, and it forward me to FoxPDX.com. Even more confused. So I sat here with tears streaming down my cheeks because I thought maybe its always been this way and I couldn’t remember. Maybe I was going crazy. After a few minutes, I asked E. He said it changed. They switched, but he didn’t know anything else. Oh god. I really thought I was going crazy. I got hugs and stopped the tears, and Buffy is on, even though its on the wrong channel. I hate unexplained change. Why doesn’t one of these pages tell me why and what happened. Stupid tv channels. I’m such a fuzzy-head.


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You poor thing. sad I don’t cope well with unexplained change either. Change is greate, but I must now why and how!

Is this new Buffy or old Buffy?

awwww. i hate days like that. ya know, this isn’t completely the same, but i thought i was losing my mind this past week too. not because of tv channels, but because i forgot to plug the tub when filling it. so as i sat there thinking about who knows what, i noticed the water was getting cold. so i turned the cold water off and the hot water was cold. so i looked down and noticed there was only 3 inces of water in the tub and i had forgotten to plug it up. i got really upset over that. i mean who forgets such a normal routine like this?

Glad you finally got to watch your show. What aggravates me is trying to get a show on and having to deal with 2 and 3 tv remotes, switching from satellite to regular cable and forget it if you want to use the DVD. I would always give up and go watch my little one by the computer with its 1 remote. Now that we got a new tv for Christmas I don’t have to deal with this anymore. Just 1 remote! Woo Hoo!

I swear, the planets are spinning backwards this week or something. I mean... whoa. I was just as edgy yesterday morning. And today started in tears too. No reason, really. Ok, there is a reason and it’s posted in a *cough*snarky*cough* place. Stress. It sucks.

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