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Megan and mom were talking this morning and mom knew I’d been looking for some help cleaning, and Megan could use some money, so she came over and helped me clean for a while. My kitchen is sparkling! She’s gonna come back tomorrow and dust and do some other things, too. I’m so glad to have her help, because standing up is just a bit too hard for me right now. So that was most of my morning!


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Ooooh—I need one of those after this weekend! wink

The help and the non-stressful companionship during the day will do more than get your house clean I am sure. Definitely worth the money. Even when someonelse does most of the work, getting long desired tasks accomplished really soothes the soul.

Play silly girl music (or my favorite, 1950s rock classics) and the whole house will be sparkling before you’re ready to have her leave. smile

Cool, Kristine!

As a side note - what are the numbers after the date on your titles here? Like it says, "September 4, 2002 02" What’s the 02?

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