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old browsers

A lot of the time, people would be surprised by the amount of research it takes (for me) to answer some of the posts on the MT forums But I think that in the thread I worked on this morning, its obvious that I took a lot of time with it - Tweaking default styles/template for N4.x, high number of old browser hits?.

I don’t test for old browsers like this anymore personally. But since people were really questioning about it, I rejected my normal "Check out webstandards" reply and did some testing and playing.

Why can’t the browser companies just use base code that works for everything so that cross-browser testing wasn’t necessary?!


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Thank you for taking the time... the MT community is better off because of it.. I know I quite often notice your name in the forums when I’m getting good info... smile And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t have to test? *sigh*

because my dear kristine-y, that would be entirely too easy. ;)

I am right there with you - designing the site for work and testing it in every browser and platform... NOTHING is uniform and it makes me cry I get so frustrated. So, I feel your pain. smile

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