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vivid earthquakes

more vivid dreaming...

My dream last night was so complex and vivid. I remember so many pieces of it. The main storyline was my family in NYC or another large city with tons of tall buildings and an earthquake happening with tons of buildings just collapsing. The backdrop to this is that we were going to see the half-way rebuilt WTC.
It was completely freaky, because in several cases, we weren’t sure where to go to not be smushed by buildings falling. And when we did finally get to leave the area where the buildings had fallen, we ended up in a field that the sun was shining on us. And policeman and singers were trying to help keep us calm by singing and having dolphins do tricks.

I could draw you a map of the area, it was so clear.

And even at the end of the dream, my dreaming self was confused about how we got to our old house after the earthquake confusion was over. So very odd.


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