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weekly wrapup #18

I was gonna do the The Weekly Wrap-Up: Weekly Wrap-Up #18 - Back to School, but I have such a different experience having been homeschooled instead of going to school as a kid. So I thought I’d talk some about homeschooling instead.

I wrote a really nice essay a while back for rina-doll about homeschooling, and its benefits. I wish I still had it around.

I was homeschooled until my Sophomore year of high school. Yes, that’s a long time, but I was the kind of kid that had modivation to learn. I still do - I’m always searching for knowledge, even thought I’m not in school anymore. So my last few years at home, I was basically picking the books I wanted to study and giving myself the tests. I was responsible and I really did learn a lot.

Why did my parents decide to homeschool me? We went to the Paw Paw, MI school district, and they gave us a tour to show me where I would be going to Kindergarden. They gave me 3 workbooks as an example of what type of stuff I would be doing the upcoming school year. I had one of them done by the time we got home from the school smile So not long after, my dad heard Dr. Raymond Moore on Focus on the Family’s radio show, and was so impressed with the idea of teaching a child in a home environment.

And plus, I was the oldest of 5 kids, so my parents really hoped that it would work well for all of us kids. I was able to learn about being a big sister/substitute mom in between my lessons. Unfortantely, the 3 middle kids just weren’t nearly as interested as I had been in learning, so sometimes, our school sessions were just a big argument about why one of them didn’t want to do something.

But overall, I had a positive experience being home schooled. I feel bad that I don’t get to share my back to school rituals with this quizlet, but that’s how it went.


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