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Well, it looks like Netscape 7 is officially out, but after reading the CNET.com - Software Reviews, and ZDnet’s info. I don’t think I even need to bother downloading it. I probably should, for testing purposes... blah. Just what I need, more AOL logos everywhere...

If you want to try a new and upcoming browser, get Mozilla. Version 1.1 just came out, and its really rivaling my primary usage of IE....


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Mozilla is cool and all, but I keep getting this bug where images don’t always load right... if it weren’t for that I’d have left IE months ago...

Jason - sounds like a caching problem. If you disable caching in mozilla, all works well.

I wish Netscape would fall off the face of the earth. Ugh.

hmmm. I’m using NS 7 right now. It actually isn’t half bad. smile

well, i’ve been happy with the NS7 beta for some time (on Linux you don’t get all that icon nonsense, since there is no AOL for Linux, thank goodness), and loving it. infact i use it interchangably with mozilla 1.0, loving that tabbed interface. at work i use opera for personal surfing.

i’m doing everything in my power to break my dependence on microsoft, because i don’t like their businesss model. i try to use "anything except M$ unless there’s no choice" and finding it’s amazing how many choices are out here, if i just look.

sorry for the preaching in the comment box smile

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