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a few random thoughts...

  • My eyes are sparkley today because I have my favorite garden botanika eye sparkle on.
  • I feel like I’m doing a good job at work today - like I’m the NORMAL Kristine instead of the sick Kristine.
  • I got to eat some of Annette’s chicken noodle soup for lunch.
  • its hot, but not as hot as yesterday. Yay!
  • I got the pictures off my camera and have them waiting in Photoshop for me to upload them. There’s flowers, and some of me, and some texture for thursday theme.
  • I played with stylesheets this morning. I made some snazzy stuff for Blogstyles !!! Rock on!
  • Maddy suggested new songs for me to find, and I’m so excited to try them out.
  • I laid in bed thinking about good ways I could share my lists of favorite music with my friends. I have some amazing stuff that I love!
  • I don’t have to work again till Tuesday.... rock on!!!! smile
  • I have on good authority that E will take me out at least once over the long weekend ;) I’m hoping for Red Robin and Spaghetti Factory if we can fit them both in, and maybe even a grocery shopping trip.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, its back to work I go....


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i can feel some of the lightness in your words and that makes me so happy! yay! smile

I too, can sense your happiness, Kristine! 'Tis good! smile

As for those song recommendations, it got a nice thread going on the bulletin board - and nobody agrees! smile You could check out the mp3 page at http://www.vervepipeings.com as well!

I can’t wait to see your photos. I’ve definitely been missing them.

Glad you’re feeling better.

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