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Ohhhh, very interesting..... Zap2it | 'Buffy,' Angel' Have Faith This Season

Little is known about how, exactly, Faith will affect the storylines of each show. Dushku is scheduled to appear on the final five episodes of "Buffy's" season and three episodes of "Angel."
What do you think? Good or bad? Hmmm.... I can’t necessarily decide if this is good or not. But definitely interesting! smile


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Oh, I had the preview release of NS7, and liked that you could have pages open in new 'tabs'. I uninstalled both it and Mozilla 1.0 when my computer died, and haven’t got them back yet. I must go and investigate. I really only use NS6 when I’m having problems with IE6, and Mozilla was a curiosity that I discovered I quite liked. But well, a girl can never have too many browsers, right?! :p

*now to spend an hour downloading over my 56K modem*

Ooops. Right comment, wrong post! You can move it if you like, Kristine! smile

I guess we’ll get this series in about 8 months or so. sad

Ooh, very good. I kept wanting them to go break her out of jail to fight what’s her face—the diety chick. I haven’t been watching Angel since Buffy moved to UPN but I would definitely tune in to see Faith doing her thing again.

I’m really looking forward to everything about the upcoming season. Once they said Dawn was going to be less whiny all my hesitations went out the window. The 22nd can’t get here fast enough.

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