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Thursday Threesome 082202

I don’t normally do the Thursday Threesome, but Kymberlie’s answers got me thinking, so I thought I’d go over to Deb’s Site and check it out! This week’s quizlet is featuring the title of Small Spiral Notebook, a writers newsletter of sorts. I’d really like to read some of the entries over here later on.

Onesome. Small. Is it a small world? In how many miles of space do you live your life?
Currently, its a pretty small amount of space. When I was little, I was actually a world traveler. And I made it my goal to go to big cities as I started to become an adult. But now, I live in my home. I make trips to work which is only 15 miles away, and make trips to eat places no further than 20 minutes away. Like E said to his parents the other day "Kristine really can’t make it out of the house for more than a few hours at a time." I hadn’t thought about it until he said that, but it does fit me right now.
So yes, its a small world after all.
Twosome. Spiral. Ever felt as if you were on a downward spiral? How did you pull out of it?
When my 1st boyfriend broke up with me very abruptly (I had no clue), I went into a spiral that lasted several years of feeling like a failure. I kept thinking about what I could have done differently. But in all truth, he was just an ass, and I know that now. And I’m SO much happier now.
Threesome. Notebook. Notebooks and pens and crayons and glue...when you think about school supplies, what do you most remember?
Oh man, I’m such a school-supply junky. I didn’t go to real school until high school, but my mom still made sure I always had construction paper and scissors and glue and all the stuff I really needed to create things. I’m a sucker for neato pens, and purple pens especially. So I have tons of them. I have an entire craft closet with all my stuff; wanna come see? smile


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Wanted to say how appealing your 'self-portraits' are. What a sweet angel baby...pretty, lovely skin, great curly long hair....all this and brains, too! Nobody’s got nuttin on you, oh great Blogstress!


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