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cheering myself up...

I’m cheering myself up after a crappy day by lighting some candles... and doing some cooking (I just posted a new recipe that I’m trying out: Cheddar Mashed Potatoes) and watching happy things on TV -I caught part of All My Children and I’m just gonna HAVE to tape tomorrow to see if Maria reveals herself! (Yes, cori, I know you’ll be cringing, but it seems inevitable. Knowing soaps as I do, they’ll probably wait until the last 30 seconds of the show LOL!)

I’ve been listening to some great girl-music, too - I do like the Lucy Kaplansky that I downloaded yesterday! So I’m checking out her webpage smile

So my dinner’s in the oven, and I finished picking candle wax off my desk (um, ya know, I really need some simple plate-type candle holders, cuz I’m a dork and didn’t notice this one was dripping. Anybody got a good suggestion of where to look for a pile of them for not so much moolah?)

I really haven’t gotten that much done today. I tried. But man, the whole middle of my day was screwed up, and that interupted everything. :sigh: I did wash my blankie (my very favorite blanket is falling apart, but still I keep it at my desk to keep me warm while I sit here), and took out the recycling (3 trips up and down the stairs isn’t good for me!) and worked on writing up more descriptions for my portfolio and did a bit of work on a new set of 2 column templates for MT for Blogstyles I didn’t get my client’s work done (I needed a good hour of uninterupted time to work on that, which I didn’t get), nor did I email back a few people (yes, Lynda I’m working on it!) who deserve the emails muchly! I didn’t get any of the new graphics sets cut up or my shareware section worked on any further. Oh, I did straighten up my desk, though. And cleaned all the newspapers up from the table downstairs.

So its been a weird day, and I’m worn out now. Hopefully this evening will calm me down before heading into the very-busy workplace tomorrow - Dad’s doing hiring and so I’m not even sure I can work at my desk.


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What kind of candles are you looking for plates for? I used to use plain basic (cheap) glass ashtrays for pillar candle holders. Then if I had company over that smoked I had an ashtray to send them outside with! LOL Also, I have a nice "plate" type one that I got from Wal-Mart. It holds one of those large 3-wick candles, or it could hold 3 regular pillar candles too.

LOL! That’s a grand idea!
The candles that I have sitting here right now are about 3" wide oval pillars. A plate would probably work, too, but I haven’t wanted to have a plate covered with wax either.
Maybe I’ll take a look at walmart - a nice big plate-type holder that I could put all 3 of these same sized candles would be really nice smile

ha! i’m not cringing, i know exactly how you feel on that one... i can’t watch soaps because of my irregular schedule, but when i do, i get so drawn into them that i HAVE to watch the next episode. so i’ll do it for a bit, and then i’ll stop for some reason or another... and then i’ll get back into them and be SO lost. LOL

if i do get the time to watch, i usually watch the ABC soaps. those are the ones that my mother, aunt, and grandmother used to watch on a regular basis when i grew up. my mom actually named my sister after Erica Kane on AMC. hee!

Let me know if your store doesn’t have them. I have other stuff I want to send you (shut up, I’m doing it and I don’t care what you say) so I could always add that to the package!

Another good thing is to go to a flea market and buy an pretty antique plate for the candles.

I just recently got a shipment of candles from Liz, and redecorated our whole bedroom. I bought a ton of little "brass" holders of various sizes at Walmart, (for just a couple dollars each,) and also at the Dollar Store here in town.

i use little terracotta dishes to hold my candles. you know how when you have a pot plant there’s a dish underneath so that the water doesn’t go everywhere? they’re fairly cheap and they do the trick smile

I think a good idea is to go to yard sales or flea markets! You can always find candlebras there. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get candle wax off of a blanket? I really need help with this one guys!!! My favorite blanket!!! OH NO!! Please help!!

Angela M.

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