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friday thoughts

The starts of another Friday. I’m working this afternoon, and anticipating not getting home until at least 5ish because not only are we doing interviews, but Lisa’s not working so I’ll have to wait until mom and dad go to Applebees to take me home on the way.

I’m sitting here doing some deep breathing to help calm myself. Its really a good thing.

As I work less and less days, the weekends sort of blend into the week. Which is a good thing, but it doesn’t make the weekends as special. I’m looking forward to having E home for 2 days, though. Hopefully I’ll feel well enough at least one of the days to leave the house and do something.

My office smells nice from this candle, even though its not lit anymore. Its Vanilla/Cinnamon. Yum.

I think I’ll breath a bit more and then work on my email box before shower time - my legs despritly need to be shaved!!!


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I burned fall-smelling candles all night last night—it was bliss. Vanilla cinnamon sounds SO yummy!

Have a great weekend!

Not as bad as mine need to be shaved I’ll bet. LOL!

LOL, kathy-bella! Since I wore overalls the other days I worked this week, it wasn’t so necessary to shave... LOL, so my legs were pretty pokey by today! Now they are all smooth and I’m wearing a t-shirt material dress that’s just above my knees - E says I "look all cute!"

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