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I already posted this at :collectics:, but it was worth mentioning here, too -
TrayBar is a systray program management system. Its got a little arrow, and you can program in some of your fav programs into it so as not to clutter up your quick start section of your programs bar AND its speedier opening up than the program menu, so its idea for the programs you use more frequently.

I have my quick launch bar 2 cells high and 4 icons wide - Outlook, Show Desktop, Winamp, and Windows Media player on the top. And then my 4 browsers in the bottom row - Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape 6.2, and Opera 6. I use these things all pretty frequently (well, 'cept the windows media player, but I keep it there anyhow). When I load windows, I almost always click Outlook, and then IE (set to my portal page). This way, the outlook icon always stays first in my programs bar. The whole bar is 2 cells high so that my applications can scroll around to the 2nd row - this allows me to see more of the programs I have open at once smile

So once I set up this TrayBar, I added TopStyle 3 and EditPadLite. Then I decided that Photoshop and LeechFTP needed to be closer at hand too, so I added them in smile Now I feel all nice and organized. Its so nice to have that feeling smile

I found the link in the lockergnome newsletter smile Yay for Chris who still sends out newsletters while on the road!!


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