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Ya know what really is sure to piss me off? When someone needs my help and says they’ll come over around 11 AM to work on a resume with me. Then they don’t bother calling until noon. Oh yeah, I won’t be there till 1. F*ck you. I don’t wanna help with your f*cking resume anyhow. :sigh: Wish I really had said that. I’ve been up and ready for her for hours now, even cleaned a bit in prep. :sigh:

she didn’t show up until 2:30. F*ck you lots, dork head. I had just laid down for a nap by that point because I was frickin tired of waiting for her. She didn’t want to add things herself, she wanted me to do it FOR her. F*ck off next time. Get somebody else to do your sh*t for you.


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KRISTINE! :O I’ve never seen you so pissed! My sweet innocent Kristine!!! ;) Not that I blame you - that shit pisses me off too!!!

wow, kristine. i don’t ever recall seeing you so pissed off, although you have every right to be. i think the next time this person needs help with something, you should tell them to go screw. dr. cori says to go put your jammies on, and relax for the rest of the day—you definately deserve it. *hugs*

obviously she’s not responsible enough for whatever job it is she’s trying to get. i hope you told her that.

That’s really stinky, to ask someone for help and then to waste their time. Didn’t she realize that you were doing her a very valuable favor?

I agree with all the other posts. That does suck. Especially since you had prepared for it and all. I’m very much an on time tactful person and expect everyone to extend me the same courtesy and thats one of my pet peeves. Do NOT EVER BE LATE WHEN HAVING A MEETING WITH ME! smile. I can certainly understand your feelings. I’d express them to her but not in an abrupt manner. Just tell her that next time you expect her to be on time and not to cause you to be late with all of your appt’s, and you’ll extend her the same courtesy because your time is valuable too smile.


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