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moms test

I’m so anxious to talk to my mom - she took the IBLCE test today (its for lactation consultants, and she’s been studying like crazy!). She’s not home yet, but I have other things to talk to her about (namely Lisa-issues).


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Woohoo!!! I hope she passes!!!!!

Yes, as a nursing mom this news thrills me to no end ahhaha.

That is so awesome - hope your Mom passes! I nursed my babies for a long time and I truly think there should be more breast feeding advocates and experts out there!

Wow, having your mom as a lactation consultant will really be a benefit when you and your husband have children someday! Good luck to her. By the way, I’ve been reading your blog for months and just love it ... I have a link to it on my site. I love your layout ... your designs are just fantastic. You are one talented woman!!!

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