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participation positive 072902

Its time for Jess’s participating positive! I should have done it earlier, but my day didn’t quite go as planned.

  • E took me out to dinner tonight and we got to chat and relax together.
  • I got to chat with both Christine and Kymberlie last week, and I feel so lucky to have friends like them.
  • Our new digital cable is installed and its lots of fun to learn the new channels.
  • i love and i am loved.
  • I slowly worked on a project yesterday that will really add to my blogstyles site.
  • I’ve really been enjoying taking pictures lately, and it feels like my new hobby is a positive one for me.
  • I actually painted last week, which is a positive sign that my brain is working creatively again.
  • I lost another 2 or 3 pounds.
  • My mom finished her test, and doesn’t have to study for another month or so until she starts school.
  • The heat has cooled down, and that makes living in a no A/C appt. more comfy smile


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