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tv fun

I’ve been enjoying a delightful evening of TV. Wanna hear what I’ve been watching?

Start the night off with Trading Spaces, a rerun of one of the very first episodes I ever saw, with a black and white checkery floor and green walls in one kitchen, and a yellow textured wall in the livingroom.

Then a break to lay on the bed and talk to E when he got home.

I got to see the 2nd half of the 2nd Pretender Island of the Haunted movie. Oh, what fun! It was one of my very fav serieses when it was on, and I sure hope they make a 3rd original movie. It definitely is at an unfinished place!

And the night for second halfs, the 2nd half of the Sliders pilot was on SciFi. I loved seeing it again - I watched that series for a long time and really loved it. I switched back and forth between the Band Candy episode of Buffy on FX smile

And now, Buffy’s newer episode is on, Wrecked. I do enjoy certain things of this episode, but it is a kinda down one.

What a fun night of TV smile


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I forgot to tell you, but you have to start watching The Dead Zone. It is so good! I think the Sci-Fi channel is running it in reruns (it comes on USA), so maybe you can catch all the old episodes. Steven and I both love it.

They made Pretender moviesconfused Get out! I *loved* that show! And ... did you see the episode when he was in Vegas at a casino? A girl I went to high school with was in that episode. I kept thinking, "that looks like Kara" so I looked her up in IMDB and there she was - credited with that episode! How is that for cool? Oh, so back to where I started - the Pretener rocked! I’ll have to catch some of those reruns!

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