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I’ve always loved makeup tips, especially ones for the eyes... 1-2-3 to lined cat eyes. And then see celebs with heavily-lined eyes. I think I like the model in the 1-2-3 way more than I like any of the celebs!


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Oooh, I love makeup tips, too! I think it’s amazing how the eye liner in the eyes is coming back... takes me straight back to 20 years ago! I definitely like the classier 1-2-3 look, but the heavily-lined eyes does make me nostalgic. smile

Me too! I always try to copy them, but fail miserably! LOL

I like makeup tips too, and I buy InStyle religiously. I heard a while back that lining the inner rim of lid was coming back again, although I haven’t seen it much. Seems like *whatever* method I use, I always end up with two black eyes. ;)

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s eye make-up in that first picture looks like she put on too much mascara and has been crying. It’s not a good look for her, I don’t think (obviously she should hire me as a make-up consultant..haha!). Salma Hayek (and the other three) pull(s) it off better. And the model does look great from the first link. smile

Holy 70’s Sarah Michelle Gellar! ;) It’s like she took glam one step too far. But Salma Hayek manages to pull it off, looking all sultry.

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