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Christie and Amy!!

Oh My Goodness. Two of my very favorite people are back blogging!!! Christie of Little Things and Amy of Rhapsody In Blog both came back with brand new blogs! I’m so freakin' excited - They rock! And in fact, they were some of my earlier fav reads - along with Laura and Gina smile


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Aww thanks!

I’m so glad they are both back smile smile

Thank you for the info wink I too like Amy a lot!

Hey! Thanks! My first trackback ping.... now how in the heck do I track YOU back? Or do I need to? LOL! I’ll get the hang of this eventually.

I wanted to tell you that your new layout inspired my current layout, Kristine! I love those scan lines and the whole black and grey thing.

Thanks Kristiney girl!! I’m so happy to be blogging again. Yaay!! smile

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