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setting up MySQL database

Since Christine asked so nicely, I wrote up a tutorial on setting up the MySQL database to use MySQL for Movable Type. Why should you use the MySQL version? The rebuilds seem to be faster. And there is much less chance of database corruption. Its a one click step to back up your database using PHPMyAdmin from your cpanel. AND there are tons of great new tips and tricks on the MT forums for using MySQL with PHP to get the data out of your database smile

Hope this is helpful! I aim to please laughing


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That is SO awesome! THANK YOU!

Any ideas how to do all of that in PLESK? LOL!

Amy - although I didn’t know what Plesk is, I looked it up on Google, and found a hosting company’s tutorial on how to do it ;) create a MySQL database with Plesk. Its not quite as detailed as mine (doesn’t have examples), but your a smart cookie, so I’m not worried smile

If I had set my stuff up last night I could trackback to you ... oh well, considering the fact that my mom has NEVER suggested we go to a movie together, I couldn’t really pass that chance up...

I have plesk and it is really easy to set up databases. Not a lot to it, pretty much what the instructions say in the link Kristine posted above! I can help if you have troubles. : )

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