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sunshine drawing

Wanna see what I painted tonight? This was my stress reliever when I got home from the long HOT day - see, I ended up with a hot sunshine! It helped my stress disappear in the clouds and colors. So I thought I’d share smile

800x600 image


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So adorible—you’re goooood! smile

Aww, so pretty smile

Oh that’s really pretty!!

Sp pretty! I think I have a new desktop now!

Wow, that’s really nice, Kristine! Your talents never cease to amaze me.


What technique do you use, Kristine? The contrast of colors is amazing!!!

Very pretty! Actually, this image reminds me of you in a totally good way - (though I don’t know you well) "Miss Sunshine". Or should I say "Mrs"? That of course should only apply if your hubby is a ray of sunshine as well!

Anyway, you are multi-talented my dear - and blessed with many friends, most likely because of your caring sweet nature. It’s always a pleasure to read what you’re up to. Stay well!

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