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Monday Mission 2.29

And since its Monday, I’ll do the Monday Mission too!

  1. Do you remember your first encounter with computers? Tell me about that. My dad’s secretary had a computer when I was about 14. It was one of the kind that took two different floppys to boot up. No hard drive, only floppys. She let me look through her bookshelf, and I found a Word Perfect manual (it was definitely below version 5 - maybe 3 or 4?)that had to be at least 3" think. I read it from cover to cover. After that, she let me play with the computer a bit, and then taught me to enter invoices (our business was running out of her home at the time.) When I went to school the next year, I was able to challenge the basic computer course and passed right into a word processing class with Word Perfect where I got to learn all the stuff from that book again!! smile It was version 5 by that time, and I think I still try to do some of the keyboard shortcuts from that program!!!
  2. How late can you stay up and still be functional the next day? Do you do that very often? With my working afternoons, I’ve been able to make it up until 10ish. I try to go to bed by 9, though. If I stay up much after that, I am sad and grumpy! So I don’t do it often. Usually when I do, its fed by the need to finish a project - once I start coding, I’m oblivious to time!
  3. When was the last really good hug you got from another adult? Who was it and what was the situation? Eric. Every day. He gives good hugs. We always make time for hugs as soon as he gets in the door at night.
  4. One thing about children is that they all like to draw. We all shared the same ability and skill level at one time. Do you still like to draw? (Not do you think you draw well, or do others, but do you like to?) If not, how come? Did you get discouraged at some point? I love to draw. I doddle on everything while on the phone or talking to someone. Usually its flowers or swirls when I draw on paper. And now that I have Painter, its a new medium for me to play with. My favorite drawing is my daisy. When I am stressed, if I draw, I feel calmed. In fact, I came home this afternoon and did some painting. I’d like to try some real paint and a canvas someday. Its a bigger investment, and I don’t know if I’d be any good with out the ctrl+Z undo option. But I think it would be really theraputic.
  5. I way overslept today. I had to head to work with no shower (don’t get too close), and I am not in the best of moods. Have you ever overslept on a day you had something important going on? What’s the story there? I hate that. I feel like my whole day has started out wrong if I don’t get to do my set of things I do every day. I’m really big on needing consistancy. My heart tends to beat faster and I feel spacier than normal. As for a particular circumstance, nothing is coming to mind immediatly. I did oversleep the other day, and E came home for lunch and woke me up with only an hour to get ready for work. But it wasn’t too detrimental if I hadn’t gotten ready in time smile
  6. Ever go shopping for something you know you can’t afford? You look at it and even think about how it will look when you get it home, somehow you justify the cost and believe it can happen? And just before you get to the counter come to your senses? What was the last thing you almost bought, but thought better of it? And why the heck do we do that to ourselves? I second guess myself quite easily. If I’m with E and he poo-poos something I want to buy, and its not something I intended on buying, I’m usually quick to put it back. But if I get it in my mind that I need it, I might be likely to get online and find it again after thinking about it some more. I’m planning girl - I like to carefully plan my purchases before I go to the mall and know exactly what I’m looking for. So its easy for me to put it down if its not in my particular need-bracket. All goes along w/being an ISTJ.
  7. It’s all such a blur now. I’d asked you to help me wake up but the alarm didn’t go off. It was 10 till and just I knew I’d be late. Somehow you got me here on time. How did you do that? I’d say you should jump in Kymberlie ’s speedy car because I’m not gonna be much help ;)


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For the longest time, I thought your blog had shut down, but apparently it just wasn’t connecting from http://hopelessromantics.love-productions.com anymore. Silly me, I didn’t find you again until now! kadyellebee.com is beeeeautiful, by the way. smile


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