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happy repeatitive tasks

Have I mentioned how much I love consistancy? Paying bills here is one of my favorite tasks because I do it the same way, every time. I always fold the checks the same way, and make piles of the invoices as I’m doing them, and it feels SO good to make it through the pile. Its definitely more rewarding (ie, there’s something to show for my work) than a lot of the tasks I do here.

I’m working on purchase orders, too, and there’s no one here to double check them with. But I *know* we need the stuff. I’m just not positive that its ALL we need. Oh well, I’ll just do my best and try to avoid getting yelled at about it later.

Now, I’m gonna go sort my bill box and make sure I paid all the bills and have all the notes entered into the computer. I should take a picture of my bill box - its actually a vitamin box that we sit all of the bills up in while they wait to be paid. We haven’t found a good replacement box that would actually be something real iunstead of a vitamin box :giggle:


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I do that with my bills here at home. I have them in a stack (in order of which they need to be paid) with the stub I need to send in with the payment in the flap of the envelope. It’s one of the things I’m totally obsessive out smile Bills should be treated that way though ...

Mine are stacked like that at home here in a box, too. But I *HATE* paying them. Nothing makes me more miserable than to watch the bank balance quickly dwindle to nothing... smile

I love the order of paying bills, too. I like writing out the paper checks, and I like balancing our checkbook. But other than those things I hate pretty much anything that has to do with math!

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