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participation positive 071502

Its time to start my monday off right by participation positive! Thank you, Jess!!!! smile

  • I figured out how to fix the shower door by myself (it was off the track).
  • I’m thankful for my wonderful supportive friends who have been there for me for a long time, and for meeting newer friends that I’m enjoying getting to know.
  • The 1000 words ring has been so inspiring to me this week - probably the first ring that I’ve made entire circles of for multiple days in a row. Seeing beautiful photoes in so many places is wonderful.
  • I straightened up my bedroom today and put my wedding flowers back up on the wall where they should be.
  • The weather has cooled down, and this makes it much more bearable to be awake or asleep!
  • I love and I am loved
  • I’m getting groceries tonight. Yay for food delivered right to my diningroom table.
  • I have one customization I finished this morning and a clients project almost done.
  • I was able to put some money in our savings account because I actually got a few paychecks from MY job.
  • I have hope that next week, I can talk to my dad about my job changes (he’s out of town again).
  • Wonderful music makes my heart sing!!!!


I just surfed through all of the 1000 words sites and they were so great I went ahead and joined. smile