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Monday Mission 2.28

For some fun, I think I’ll do Monday Mission 2.28 !

  1. Have you ever sold anything through an online auction? What did you sell and did you make very much? Nope, not yet. I’m not opposed to the idea, I just haven’t had anything good to sell!
  2. Have you ever bought anything through an online auction? How was your experience? Yes. I think the first thing was a CD of Buffy images ( rina-doll has it now). The main thing I’ve gotten is my Jude Deveraux books - I have almost all of her older books now because I found some great auctions. And then just recently, I got my dad floormats for his car because his were wearing out (after 500k + miles, its no wonder!)
  3. Do you like the sun? Getting a suntan? Have you ever had a bad sunburn? Well, right now, I’m really light sensative, so its hard to be in the sun. BUT, my skin is so light that I burn at even the littlest bit of sun. I’ve had a lot of bad sunburns - my last one was the summer of my wedding when we went to my cousin’s wedding in FL. I still had red arms at my wedding 3 weeks later!
  4. Are you a vegetarian? Why? If not, have you ever considered it? Nope, I’m not. My husband is, though, so I eat a lot of vegetarian food. I love my dad’s cooking too much, and he makes some GREAT things with meat smile
  5. Suppose you are getting into your car after you’ve just made your purchase from a store you visit twice a week. You suddenly realize you had a .35 item in your hand and you forgot to pay for it. What would you do next? (what *would* you do, not what *should* you do) Well, since its only .35 cents, I think I’d be more embarrassed to go back and explain that I had it than I would be to keep it. if it was much more than that (over a few dollars), I’d go back.
  6. Sometimes it seems that there is just not enough time to do everything that must be done. Was there anything you wanted to accomplish this weekend that didn’t get done? There’s never enough time. I have so many things I want to do. The one thing I had planned on finishing up that I didn’t was my client webset... its almost done.
  7. What is your favorite game to play with a group and/or an individual? (board game, computer game, athletic, etc.) I like Scrabble for a small group. Larger groups its kinda fun to play Apples to Apples. And right now individually, I’m stuck on Spider Solitaire, although The Sims and Civ III are favs too smile
BONUS: One headline why believe it ? I liked Kymberlie ’s answer - "Never believe just one headline. Get verification from others first.".


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