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trackback explanations

Mena’s TrackBack Demo has a lot of valuable info directly about the features that MT has. I plan to set up my example of TRK that’s she’s using in her explanation. And I think its a great way for site’s like Jess’s participation positive - instead of remembering to go back and comment, if she’s got that entry enabled as a trackback post, we’d ping it as we posted, and then she could list our pings along with the comments smile

So check it out; you’ll want to be a part of the TrackBack crowd! smile

Oh, and this post will ping Mena’s post automatically so that she knows I wrote about her instead of just commenting. And if I want to see if I really pinged her, I can get into Edit Entries and click "previous pings sent" and it will show me that I pinged her site smile


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I just upgraded MT and that idea sounds interesting for the Monday Mission, but I’m still a little fuzzy on the concept. Maybe if I read the demo a *third* time I will understand....

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