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Talk about a violent migraine. I stood up at 11:30 to get in the shower, and was super super dizzy. And then came the pounding, and by the time I was out of the shower I was really not feeling well. (sometimes standing that long is bad anyhow) But by the time E was here 10 minutes later, I was only feeling worse.

I took another zomig (took one on Saturday before leaving for my family’s house and it took 5 hours before it kicked in). THey are $5 each to me, so I hate to take too many, ya know? I slept since then, and still am totally tingly and my head is still pounding, but its faded a bit from lunchtime. I thought I’d see if I could sit up, but aparently, its not smart, so I’m back to lay down.



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feel better soon sweetie. i hate hate hate migranes - ugh! sad

just rest as much as possible and think lovely thoughts of PIE smile

Oh man, I’m sorry! Please ignore my e-mails and feel better SOON!

I know all too well how you feel. My dr. gave me a shot (below the elbow) of Imitrex and it worked within FIVE MINUTES !! It’s definitely a miracle drug...once he knew that worked for me, he gave me the pill version which works almost as well ! Hope you feel better soon smile

Please don’t skimp on medication just 'cause it’s $5 a pill. How many cherry Cokes is that... 4? Is it worth 4 sodas if it makes the headache go away? And if it doesn’t work, then it wouldn’t matter if it was free, right? Hope you feel better... staying cool (A/C) helps my migraines.

oh big hugs!

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