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burglar dreams

Dontcha hate it when you dream so vividly that it wakes you up? After doing that for like a 4 month period, you’d think I would be used to it, even though its calmed down in the last few months.

Tonight’s dream featured my aunts and uncle’s, and my sister with a boy I happened to see at LaSierra that she knows. I was watching a baby, although I don’t know where the baby came from, and we were having a huge get-together of the family at my house. Seems like I was unmarried, and when everyone left, I was home alone. I wasn’t scared until I started seeing someone walk by my back window, taking the bikes and plants one at a time and putting them in his truck out front. I sat there ad dialed 911 and I kept getting recordings about England, and for only $xx more, I could call straight to England. And then I woke up. So odd.

At least its cooled down. Its 64 degrees now, but when I went to bed, it was just sweltering.

So I’m awake, I think I’ll play with the new MT smile smile smile

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