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mt 2.2!!!!

Check it out, check it out!!!!!!

movabletype.org has a new design!!!!

....and a WONDERFUl new version (that I’ve had the pleasure of beta testing!) I can’t wait to share the joy of the new features!!!!

I’m upgraded, but its time for bed, so I’ll have to share the new features with you in the morning when I wake up and can implement them over here smile Smooth upgrade, smooth as silk smile I love it when it tells me happy things: Done copying data from Berkeley DB to MySQL! All went well.!!!


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Shhhh... don’t know nothin' about beta testing. Nothing at all. *wink*

so tell me kris, do you recommend changing to the mySQL db? fill me in girl!

I personally don’t know if there’s gonna be a huge difference in using MySQL for the normal user. I’m gonna switch because I’ve been told its a better format to use. Less likely to have server issues due to a server failure or something (which would have been a bigger problem on our LAST host, huh?!) I’ve been told that there are things that can be done with MySQL and PHP that don’t require MT in the middle of it, but I’m not smart on that subject yet ;)

So I’d say go for it! I’m gonna do it.

But the neato new feature is TrackBack. It is SO neato, and makes a whole new reason to love MT. It takes comments and permalinks to the next level. smile I’m sure after I upgrade, I’ll be sharing some great examples smile

i agree! the trackback feature RULES! it’s going to make things so much more fun and interesting.

i think that soon we’ll look at it the way we look at comments now, and wonder how the hell we ever blogged without it. haha! smile

Yippee! And that new design ROCKS!

Very interesting.

I might have to take a look into switching BACK to MT again (although I’m not quite sure I will..heh)

You *CAN* do just about anything with mySQL.. So that’s a huge plus.

I just upgraded now I’m off to scour the boards on Track Back. smile

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