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buying things

I am very bad.



Now what did you buy?

and you’re just going to leave us hanging, aren’t you? heehee!

nice kristine... go and buy a new domain, and not tell us the name ;)

i can’t wait to see what you got! new names are always exciting! smile

Ahhhhh...you didn’t say what domain! wink

Oh yes, I know ;)
I’ve gotta find out from my host ;) if I can even use it first smile Then I’ll share. Promise!!

Psst... first you have to WRITE your host and ask her? Yeah... LOL! Meanwhile, check how many subdomains you have - I don’t think you’ve gone over the limit for your account and as long as you haven’t then we can keep adding more!

On a side note - WHOO HOO! I get to know about the new domain name FIRST!

i wanna know!

I think I know what it is! The name I mean...WeatherPixie showed something in the WA category of users...and I’ve not seen that domain before, but know the name smile


Also, your archives seem to want to go to the new domain as well smile

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