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recap I

written sunday morning in a notebook...

I’m missing my journal. I’m so used to tracking my daily events with words and links that it feels funny. I think there have only been a few days this year that didn’t get posts, and all of those wehre because of hosting (last host!) problems.

I’m absolutely worn out, and not sleeping well. My body feels like i tmight break, but there’s not too much I can do to sltop the pain. The hard matress isn’t helping - somehow, its actually making my circulation problems worse, and my hands and feet are completely tingly even hours after waking up.

Craigs been telling us about his masters program for next year. I’m worried about him and his girlfriend being apart a whole year (she’s got one more year at La Sierra). I know E and I did it and stuff, but it will be hard and they are just great together. I think they’ve been together for at least 3 years now. Its kinda odd, though, E’s family is kinda exclusive and didn’t have Dahlia in any of the family pictures taken today. I remember feeling awkward like that at #’s grad. BTW, Craig is moving to Lawrence, KS, and for some reason, I think that’s where Candi is. smile

My hand is falling alseep. Sure is more work to write than to type!

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