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Just a few thoughts before I leave for a few days...

First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support this week. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends who surrounded me with love and kindness through a hard week. I love you guys!!

Secondly, I’m sure glad to see that Jess is home! I have gotten to know her positive spirit over the last months, and she’s such a wonderful influence on our corner of the blogging world, not just because of participation positive, but it definitely has a big impact on me to be able to read positive things from others on a monday morning. Get better fast, Jess!

I woke up with a headache this morning, and I’m sure hoping its not gonna be a bad one. And a butterfly-filled tummy. E says vacations aren’t for stressing, but I can’t seem to help it!

Ack, I wish I had more time ... But its time to put mouse in my hair and wake up E and then put my last few things together and eat breakfast.

I’ll be home Monday night. See ya then! smile


i hope you have a wonderful wonderful trip! mwah! smile

Have a great time and if you’ve already left by the time I post this... well, welcome home!

I hope you are having a GREAT time, girl!!!!! And welcome back, for when you see this comment! laughing

Tell E he’s wrong. Vacations ARE stressful. LOL! I’ve been stressed for weeks now and as the impending depart date arrives, it just gets worse. Hehe. But I do hope you have a lovely trip. Be safe and all that. {{{hugs}}}

I’ll miss you, sweetie! Have a good trip!

words can’t express my thanks enough kristine. your support means the world to me. xo.

have a wonderful trip, girl!

Enjoy! {{{{{Kristine!}}}}}

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