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Hmmm, if I’m gonna talk about yesterday, maybe I shouldn’t title this post "today". :giggle:

I found a dress! Its really pretty, and actually looks good with the red hair thing I’ve got going on. The sales ladies in Lane Bryant were totally complimentary of it when they saw it on smile I got 2 pairs of shorts and two shirts, too. All 5 of those things for a little over $100. wow. I’m so happy, I was so stressed about that. And I made out good at the Victoria’s Secret bra sale too - they had some of the cotton bras I always buy in clearance, so I have 3 funky colored bras for a 1/3 of the price I normally pay smile

I’m so nervous about today, though. I had such a hard time falling asleep last night, thinking about all the things I needed to do before my doctor’s appt. And so when I woke up at 3:30, I couldn’t fall back asleep. So I’m up, surfing and then I’m gonna look for my old dr. records so I know WHEN my surgery and other health stuff was done.

Its just so nerve racking to know that this doctor could say "sorry, nothing’s wrong with you, its all in your head." And then where would I be? :sigh:

I am in a lot of pain from being out so long last night. I had another one of those awful evil headaches yesterday, and I think that the heat is the culprit. Which makes me super worried about CA if I’m gonna get massive headaches every afternoon as it gets hotter. And the Advil extra strength gel cap did NOTHING for me.

So I just found the zomig prespription in my pile, but not my old health records. Well, I guess I’ll have to do some creative deducing. My eyes are sleepy now, though, so I think I’ll go lay back down for a little while longer.

Weird sensation - when your body aches so much that it feels like its hot. ANd then you check your weather bug and realize it is hot outside (its 62 at 4:30. Ack!) and don’t know if that’s why or if your body really could ache that much.

If you could think of me today, I’d sure appreciate happy thoughts going up for me that this appointment really accomplishes something. Thank you all!!


I hit Vick’s sale too! What bras did you get?

I obviously don’t know all the details here but I can certainly wish you the best and let you know I will pray for you today. xoxoxoxo hugs

Kristine, try taking Extra-Strength Excedrin for headaches. It has caffeine in it (Advil does not) and caffeine has been found to boost the power of aspirin and other painkillers by about 40 percent.

I get headaches and migraines, too, and I swear by this stuff. Sometimes I take three pills, though, instead of the recommended two. Hasn’t killed me yet. : )

Advil is better for cramps and muscular pain. Feel better!

Kymberlie - I got 3 cotton underwires (with the victorias secret all the way around on the elastic to match their cotton panties) and a lacy purple bra that makes me look goddessy and volumptuous!! :giggle: Gaining weight gave me more boobs ;)
And Dara - I have tried two different Excedrins - I carry around a Red pill extra strength one with caffine most of the time. I also have tried Advil Migraine gelcaps. None of them are touching these headaches - they are borderline migraines but cover my whole head instead of just one side like my usual migraines do. Thanks for the suggestion, though! I think I’m just broken smile

Best of luck at today’s appointment. Here’s to a better you!

will say a prayer for ya smile

My mom has been going through this lately herself-the doc’s have done a ton of tests and can’t figure out out what’s causing her problem (enlarged blood platelets)..so the doc just gave up. Hope that doesn’t happen with you though.