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sisters and noise

Its so loud in here with the fan on. But since its already 80 here at noon, I know I’m gonna die w/o the fan on! I’m sure that if E comes in, I won’t hear him and I’ll be scared. He’s been coming home for lunch a lot lately. He’s so cute smile

I talked to both of my sisters this morning. I was still annoyed at Megan and she called because she heard I’d asked Lisa to take me shopping tonight. Whatever... So I’m not AS annoyed at her, but it definitely was an obnoxious misunderstanding. Lisa’s way excited about going shopping. And E’s excited because we are gonna meet up afterwards and have dinner. Lisa’s got a game at 7, so we have a definite window that should give us enough time. The plan is to hit the bra sale at Victoria’s Secret and then go to Lane Bryant. Let’s hope something jumps out at us!

My plans for today? I need to get all of my health stuff together for my appt. in the morning.

So far, I haven’t done much. I slept in really late. I answered a bunch of questions on the MT forums and read some email and blogs. I watched SMG on Regis and Kelly. Regis is a moron, and if he would have just shut up, we would have had a better interview. LOL! And now its lunch time smile


80 degrees? Man, we hit 69 today! LOL Hope you and Lisa have fun...I love Lane Bryant. I got the cutest blue sweatshirt there this past winter...it said "Snow Bunny" on it in sparkly silver letters.

Meanwhile, ACK. First time in DAYS I’ve been awake enough to blog, and s-d is down! LOL! I tell you, am not meant to be sharing these days. LOL

{{HUGS}}, dearie. I miss being home to talk to you during the day!

i think your blog is way cool (is this the right place to comment?) hehe nice use of php to get things done! i wish i could do all this too =)

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