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topstyle 3.0 beta

I am so excited to see this - TopStyle Pro 3.0 Beta - I love this program SO much! If you’ve never had a CSS editor, I’d highly recommend downloading a trial of their normal 2.5 Pro - I own this one. I’m downloading now to see what’s new in 3.0 smile yay!!

Edited to add - DUDE, you can edit html inside of TS3! This is gonna be amazingly cool!!


Thanks for the link, Kristine! I can’t wait to try the beta out. I’m downloading right now! *L*
I think I use my TS Pro more than my HTML Editor, these days. *S*
Have a nice day, Kristine!!

Never had a CSS editor, can’t wait till I have the time to check it out! Thanks Kristine!

This is so cool. And you link to this as I’m working on my CSS. You’re so wonderful, Thanks!

Thanks for the news about the beta. Now, if I could only figure out this positioning thing.

I’m gonna have to try it out, although I really enjoy the challenge of figuring out CSS. Hehe. Thanks!

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