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So I haven’t felt much like surfing today. I read a book in bed for a while, took naps, took a nice long bath, and I’m not coughing nearly as much as I was. I put in a load of dishes, rested more, and then put together a batch of lasagna the easy way for 2 (I should post my way of doing it to theredkitchen ). I’ve been working on some graphics sets with a wonderful font I’m testing out from SetCity - I’m on L, so you can imagine how many sets are in process on my desktop by now ;) I want to finish up testing today because I’ve been so sick that I didn’t get back to Lisa very timely, and I feel so bad. I did a teeny bit of surfing, but almost none. I’ve really relaxed, and that’s been very good for me. I have a feeling that when I lay down, I’m gonna start coughing again (I propped myself up on pillows in a part-way-sitting-up position for my naps). But at least my day has me feeling like I could move tomorrow if needed ;)

So E should be home any minute and the lasagna is on warm in the oven just waiting. Yum, it smells so good. I wish I had garlic bread!

Happy friday afternoon, all. It really is nice to know that a weekend still awaits me so I can be feeling all better by next week smile


Happy Friday to you too!

i haven’t commented lately, so i just wanted to say, i’m here and i’m always thinking of you!

Happy Friday, feel better soon!

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