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out and rest

So we made it out to RedRobin and went around the mall until my legs threatened to fall off. I found a pair of overall shorts and a new old navy shirt, but because Meg forgot about me, I ended up waiting on dress shopping. Darn it all. But we found E some shorts, too, and then hopped on home to do some relaxing. We’ve been watching last night’s Farscape premeire and Stargate’s premeire. They were great fun, even though I’m new to both of the shows - we watched a bunch of the old episodes of Farscape last week in preparation for the new eps, so I had a little bit of a clue. John Crichton (Ben Browder) is SEXY! And I hadn’t seen any recent eps of Stargate, so it was a bit confusing. But hey, they were fun smile

And Now, the MTV Movie awards are being rebroadcasted, and I’m so happy because I lvoe watching these things smile

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