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participation positives: 060302

Its time for [participation positives]! Even though I’m super tired this morning, I wanted to do this because it always makes me feel better smile

  • This weekend celebrated 4 years of E and I being together as a couple. (he asked me out on June 1, only 14 days before I graduated from college!)
  • The sun is out, and I got to see Mt. Hood on the way to work.
  • I have my new Natalie Imbruglia CD on smile
  • Its quiet here, and I can work in peace for at least another little while. I get so much more done this way.
  • I ran a surface scan on the server this morning, and so for the first 1/2 hour I was here, I only had to straighten up and read blogs.
  • I am contributing a small income to my family by the little bit I do here.
  • I brought my water bottle again today and I’m gonna float back and forth to the bathroom like Kymberlie ;)
  • Even though I was up late, I still took time to help out on the MT forums this morning and that makes me happy.
  • I did considerable amounts of work on several projects yesterday, and that makes me happy.
  • I played Big Money a lot, and even though i’m not NEARLY as good as Gina ;) it was relaxing and completly mindless!
  • Megan has tests these next 3 days, and then she’ll be home for the summer, and that’s happy.
  • I love and I am loved
  • I have checkerboard wafers in my lunch ;)


Good morning chickie!

How come I am bold and have !! around me? Not that I’m complaining but your sidebard disappeared for a week on me and now it’s back and I’m different, lol.

Have a wonderful day Kristine and put a smile on your face it will make you feel better even if just a tad smile


you’re welcome kristine. xo

What are checkboard wafers? Sounds interesting if you are grateful for them!

Awwwwww for 4 years!! smile Great list~

Hooray for LOVE! Congratulations to you and E.

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