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blogrolling pt2

So I’ve been using Blogrolling for about a week now, and its really neato. It may be slowing down the load time of my page just a touch, though.

My favorite thing about it? It lets me show the blogs who ping weblogs.com as a different style when they are recent posts! I love that because when I have time to do a quick surf, I can see which people have written something new.

I also really like the Blogroll Lanch and BlogrollThis! options. Rocking!

So if you are looking for a link management system that’s easy, maybe check it out. I was just using a php include file before, and that was easy. This is easier for me right now smile


You know, I tried signing up for blogrolling and when I went to verify the membership the screen claimed I didn’t have cookies enabled! Don’t they know I’m the cookie-queen? Jason said he authenticated my site for blogrolling but I still couldn’t log in because of the cookies error.

Oh well. No blogrolling for me. =(

Hey I take it back - Jason was able to figure out the problem and I’m now an official blogroller....

rollin' with the homies. =)

Yay, for Jaynee! smile I put all my links and reads on a separate page, just for that reason, Kristine. I love having my Blog Roll thing on the side in IE, too cool!

I’m a-gonna get me one of those. Soon.

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