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Ya know what the suckiest thing about having a fatigue-related illness? I can rest all weekend, and sleep for 8.5 hours last night, and wake up feeling awful. E says I wasn’t breathing well last night, and I know I was worrying in my dreams. So dude, I am so worn out. And I can’t do one little thing about it except go back to bed, which is SO not an option today. I’m at work ALL day today and ALL day tomorrow.

Godwilling, though, these will be my last two full time days ever here. Unless I miraculously get well, AND go crazy and decided to stay here. I’ll try to survive with part time days for as long as I can, but no more full time. Please no.


Sending you good thoughts for the day.

I hope you had a good day!! smile I can relate to the tiredness and the not sleeping well.

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