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new stuff!

I’m so very excited! While I took a nap, E started putting WinXP and my new hard drive into my computer, and he’s finishing up the last few configs to get me up and running now. I’m so excited, it looks so pretty!

I think it will take me a while to get used to cleartype - I love it, it smooths screen fonts out so much - I think every time I open a webpage, I’m gonna go "It looks SO clear!" smile E can’t really see the difference he says, but I think its phenomenal. Probably because I notice fonts so much more than he does smile

I feel like I’m typing so fast because E’s keyboard is so loud. Isn’t it weird how you get used to the feel of the one you know? My keyboard is purple and matches my HP computer. The mouse matches, too, but I use my tablet way more than I use the mouse. Which reminds me, I must reinstall Sensiva. It came with my tablet (wacom graphire) and is excellent for navigating IE pages with just little symbols and keystrokes. I’m so used to it now smile

E’s getting me set up with Outlook instead of OE. That might be fun smile New stuff, I love new stuff smile Which is so odd because I’m such a creature of habit :giggle:

We were gonna go out to eat and try to see Episode II. I’m so sore and stuff, though, and so we ended up deciding to make a bake-to-rise pizza and stay here instead. It sounds like a better choice, even though I don’t want to make it. It really proofs to me how much I need my naps and how I’m not just making this sh*t up when I say I can’t walk very much!!!

It looks like its pretty quiet on the blog-front today. I hope everyone is having as much fun as Robyn sounds like she will smile


I so agree Kristine....WinXP is so much clearer then Win ME i love it

I hope that you enjoy it!!!

Aren’t XR lovely or what? Congratulations on your new stuff smile Enjoy it!

I meant XP LoL

Oooooooooh, XP rocks, I love it : )

Have fun skinning it!

Hey, if you guys have any great sites for XP skins, E’s been looking for some for a while, but if you have great links, I’d love to check them out!! smile Thanks smile

i think it costs about $20 to register, but http://www.tgtsoft.com/ is so great. lots of skins and it intergrates flawlessly with WinXP - and doesn’t hog resources at all. smile

Trish shared with me http://themexp.org very nice site and some very neato theme’s! Glad you like XP it really was a nice upgrade from the prior versions. Enjoy!

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