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friday goneness

When given the choice to come home and sleep OR to go out with my sister and brother for the afternoon, even though I’ll be sore and tired afterwards, sometimes I just have to give in to the fun option smile

I took them out to lunch and then to Jamba Juice (Megan’s been sick, and so I needed an immunity boost!!!). And then we did a bit of shopping for the bridal shower we are going to on Sunday. We found a great collection of stuff to put together in a beautiful arrangement. It needs a candle in it, but its beautiful smile I’ll take pictures!

And then I came home, and E was working on the new design he wanted for his site.... But of course, he wanted to completely redo it, and wanted to use the wave set as a seamless background and WOW, it was not working. SOOooooo, I spent a few hours trying to get the image right. I’m still not happy with it. But he said it was good. And then, he was testing with Opera 6, and it wasn’t doing something right, so I installed my copy that I’d downloaded a while back, and I HATE OPERA 6!!! It renders things SO much differently than everything else. And it completely breaks a few of my sets when resized. And it doesn’t let the CSS be seen the same way. And so I was just very pissed after running some sites through there. Blah, so I was completely tired out, pissed at myself for nothing being able to make the images turn out how I wanted to, and angry because I have sections of my site that will need to be redone.... which all was too much!!!

So I went to bed. With tears in my eyes, but I think I fell asleep super fast.

Unfortunately, I woke up feeling just as sore as I did when I went to bed. I wish I could just feel rested. I really want to be able to make it out of the house today, but that’s gonna require at least one more nap before I can consider it, cuz I can barely move moreless stand in a line.

But, I’m supposed to be getting my new hard drive installed sometime today- E was gonna do it while I was sleeping, but I think he was tired and fell asleep with me instead smile That’s exciting!

Megan wants to come over and have me help with a paper she’s needing to write. And then tomorrow, we are going to the bridal shower we were shopping for. Which is nerve racking, because I don’t do well with big groups of people (at the moment?). Maybe we can bring Lisa along so I’ll have someone to sit with. Megan’s a bridesmaid, so she’ll be actively involved. And I don’t know Laura THAT well. And her rich stepmom is putting the party on, so I’m guessing we’ll have a lot of rich friends there. Hmmmm, I hope my black cotten dress is gonna be nice enough. Eeek! I better run that by Megan.

This combination of everything is weighing on my mind. Too many things to do and deal with. Even though some of it will be fun, and I’m glad Megan’s home, its all still overwhelming.


Oh man! Don’t cry over Opera 6! ::hugs:: Opera has some funky weird ideas on how to calculate pixels.

It sure does. And changes margins, and makes some of my javascript completely worthless. Its gonna be HOURS worth of work for me to try and even figure out the dhtml scrollers for 2 or 3 sets that aren’t working. Because I really don’t care what my personal sites (I do care that it breaks my navigation dhtml on love-productions) look like, but don’t want to be giving out linkware that breaks. :sigh:

What a giant pain in the ass!!!

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