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mother's day

Because I love this picture of my mom and me, I keep posting it every year on Mother’s day smile

It’s already shaping up to be a beautiful day I’ve got the window open already to hear the birdies outside my window singing at me. Its already 48 degrees at 7:30. Its really nice smile

I’m gonna make some shortcake this morning and then stop and get some strawberries and ice cream at the store for strawberry shortcake (and flowers, hopefully if they still have some!). I’m *hoping* to make it into Fred Meyers to try and get a frame for the picture I painted for my mom.... if not, it’ll wait until her birthday in two weeks. I think my dad is making Chicken Divane, which is always super delicious (chicken with a cheesy sauce and broccoli and more cheese on top). Yum. I think I won’t eat breakfast in preparation for this :giggle:

Its gonna be a beautiful day, and hopefully I’ll come back with a bunch of pictures to share - this is the first time I’ll bring my camera to my parents house, and that’s gotta be fun! smile


you’ve made my day!

You look just like your mom! What a wonderful picture!

I was just going to post the same thing as Sandy. You do look just like your mum! So very, very pretty smile)

Great pic! Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Yep, definitely the spitting image of your Mom! Hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day with your Mom. =)

Ahhhhh...you were such a cutie patootie! (Still are!) smile

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