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So I still have a lot of projects with loose ends to tie up, but its 8:30, and I’m all worn out. My leg keeps falling asleep and my eyes are so dry that it hurts to blink.

But I had a beautiful day, the sun was out, I took pictures, and I’ll share more tomorrow, when I’m feeling better hopefully smile

Just the very newest things on my to do list:

Lynda’s larger sidebar
write back Melissa
Debi’s files
Ladybug’s recipe and write about being a member; Deb’s recipe
Set up Deb as member and write back
Contact form problems
style store
put up rest of new pictures on snap!
Finish fun languages hack
devil’s tower customize?
Kathy email back
php article for gg
blogplate links updated
post bbq meatball sauce, krispie butterscotchies, and spaghetti and cheese, strawberry shortcake recipes.
Add movies watched to media


hehe I can not wait for those recipes to get up!

Nooooo rush on mine, just whenever you get a chance. smile

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